Dash Virtual Solutions offers virtual support services for overwhelmed creative business owners.

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I'm a mom to four sweet little boys -- they keep us on our toes!

Welcome! I'm Annie Dash, a multi-passionate information services professional, photographer, and visual artist who specializes in helping small business owners get their business action items prioritized, planned, and implemented so that they can have more time for themselves and their families.

I'm a wife and mom of four boys, am originally from Maryland and now reside outside of Louisville, KY. With a Master's Degree in Library Science and 15+ years of work experience, I have developed expertise in the following skills to help other business owners:

  • Project Planning & Implementation

  • Research Services

  • Business to Business Outreach

  • Data Management & Analysis

  • Digital Library Curation

  • Customer Experience Design

  • Customer Relational Management (CRM) Admin & Support

An excellent creative problem-solver, workflow optimizer, and skilled organizer, I enjoy learning new tasks quickly and efficiently. I proactively offer solutions based on your specific business issues, so you get the customized support you need without spending a lot of time, energy, and money training a new worker.

Over the years, I have won a number of awards for my outstanding work supporting NASA, Montgomery County Public Libraries, Howard County Library, Nordstrom, and more. I would love to help you plan and implement your projects so that you can have a more productive business and more time for your family.

If you are overwhelmed with your business to-do list,  please don't hesitate to get the help you need to move forward with your goals -- I'd love to help you.

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